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GRANT’S BAKERY's mission is to bring comfort and joyful atmosphere to homes of those who care about what they eat.

GRANT’S BAKERY was established to meet the demand for healthier and tastier bread that has arisen in recent years. Some say that bread was the reason for the Western civilization's survival. However, the rat race for profits has led the dominant bread companies to turn this wonderful food into something unworthy of a health-conscious person.

The traditional bread-making methods have no automated processes. They are time-consuming and have a long learning curve, for each batch of bread is different and thus needs to be treated with care, as if it had a personality of its own. The rejection of modern technologies for boosting yields, expediting the production process, cutting costs, prolonging shelf life, and making the bread's outward appearance more alluring has led to a renaissance of the traditional ways of bread-making.

At GRANT’S BAKERY we never use agents meant to speed up or control the baking process. On principle, we also choose not to use eggs, flavor enhancers, preservatives, industrial yeast, trans fats and the like. The basis for all our products, without exception, is leaven made from flour and water. At our bakery, we make ample use of organic ingredients.


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